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Israeli Arabs, Have No Fear!

Israeli Arabs! Just in case you were worried, Hamas has good news for you!

Hamas’s randomly fired rockets that can’t even be aimed know how to differentiate between Arab and Jew!

Don’t you feel safe now?


"Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet, nor hail" Stop the Arab Terrorists
A rocket was launched at Ashkelon from Gaza at 8:19 pm. It appears that the rocket fell short and landed within the Gaza strip.
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I’ve lost about half a week to rain, snow, sleet and the accompanying electricity outage in my hometown of Shiloh.  I’ve been offline for three days because of that.  I missed news, telephone calls, emails etc.  Our television stopped broadcasting before the eletricity went.  I slept a lot and now understand how some animals hibernte in the winter.  The cold and dark affected me so badly that I wasn’t even hungry the entire “Fast of the the Tenty of Tevet,” last Friday.

I didn’t fully wake up until today when the sun came out, which made the snow sparkle.  On Shabbat the clouds made the snow look grey and depressing.  I didn’t even leave my house for three solid days because of the weather.  On Thursday the rain kept me in, and I cooked and even baked challah.  I didn’t want presure on me when fasting.  Thank G-d I did, becasue I couldn’t have done that cooking without electricity.


Totally disconnected to news and politics, insulated from the real world by that glorious white snow, I was shocked back into reality with the news that the Arab Gazan terrorists attempted to attack Ashkelon.
Peace is not around the corner, nor doable in the near future.

And now there’s worse news.  An Israeli soldier has been killed by a Lebanese sniper.

Shiloh Musings

What if 13% of your country was under fire?
Israel Matzav

What if 13% of your country was under fire?

Israel Matzav

Lebanese rocket (shrapnel?) seems to have landed in residential area (photos, video)

The IDF stated:

A short time ago, civilians in Israel’s northern region faced rocket fire from Southern Lebanon. Three or four rockets were fired over Israeli territory. One of the rockets was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system between the northern Israeli cities of Acre and Nahariya. The remainder of the rockets of fell outside of Israeli territory.

Kobi Snir took photo and video of where something landed. Not sure if it was part of the rocket, or shrapnel from Iron Dome, or what, but it looks like a residential area:



Plus the video showing police cordoning off the area.

And here is what he says is the Iron Dome interception (look to me like maybe afterward)


2-May-13: Yet again tonight, rockets fired by Gazan terrorists crash and explode in southern Israel




Around 8:30 this evening (Thursday), a fresh terror attack was launched from Gaza, fortunately with no serious outcome other than what yet another act calculated to terrorize the civilian population of southern Israel can do to the lives of families living there.

The facts are still being checked by the authorities but according to the report published by Times of Israel, two mortar were fired from a source inside the Gaza Strip; they crashed into open fields in the Eshkol region.  Eshkol is in the western part of Israel’s Negev desert, the part that is closest to the vipers’ nest of Gaza. There are no reports of injuries or damage. According to Ynet, it was a rocket or a mortar shell and there was no Tzeva Adom warning for residents in the area ahead of the explosion.

Over at the Haaretz site, they have a ‘Breaking News’ ticker which is reporting at this hour that

20:49 Shell falls in Eshkol Regional Council, no casualties or injuries reported (Haaretz)

As news reports go, the Haaretz editors demonstrate a remarkably flegmatic approach to an attack on a civilian population. Perhaps from where they sit, southern Israel is a place where shells fall. Others, perhaps more sensitive to what can and does happen, will remember that rockets and mortars only go where malevolent people with death and mayhem on their minds fire them.

Eshkol, the region where tonight’s attack was directed by the child-killers of Gaza, includes numerous communities including 14 kibbutzim (collectives), 13 moshavim (cooperative agricultural communities made up of individual farms) and three other communities. Each of them is home to human beings, hence the attack.


Photo: Kibbutz Gvulot, one of the Eshkol region’s agricultural communities,

runs a successful dairy operation [Image Source]


This Ongoing War

Israel Under Attack