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+ Hamas sacrifices Gaza for its extremism

sacrifices  for its extremism

Media cover-up of Hamas crimes.

Media cover-up of Hamas crimes.

+ PSA : This is the light at the end of the tunnel…

PSA : This is the light at the end of the tunnel…

+ To all Nations - A word about Jerusalem.
via: @redbrasco

To all Nations - A word about Jerusalem.

via: @redbrasco

Israel is the last frontier of the Free World.

Israel is the last frontier of the Free World.

Clueless Hillary: Hamas Uses Human Shields Because ‘Gaza is Pretty Small’.

'I'm not a military planner'

In an interview with Fusion TV, Hillary Clinton argues Hamas hides their military weapons among civilians due mainly to geography, not radical religious beliefs or their hatred of Israel.

The former Secretary of State prefaced her theory by telling Ramos, “I’m not a military planner.” “Hamas puts its missiles, its rockets in civilian areas,” she then said before blaming the poor storage spot on the combination of the “small” size of Gaza and their large population.

Breitbart’s Joel Pollak writes:

As Secretary of State, Clinton was part of the relentless pressure on Israel that emboldened Hamas, once berating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over some apartments in Jerusalem. And as First Lady, Clinton was one of the first to endorse a Palestinian state, and infamously lent credence to absurd charges that Israel was using chemical weapons.

Clinton is not doing anything to distance herself in a meaningful way from Obama’s disastrous Middle East policies–nor can she, since she helped carried them out and shares much of his ideological orientation.

So the idea that a President Clinton might have been friendlier to Israel, or might be in the future, lacks any real evidence–other than her long track record of interest-group pandering, which saw her lean opportunistically to the pro-Israel side when she represented New York in the U.S. Senate.

Hamas doesn’t operate in civilian areas because it’s a “pretty small” place, not even “in part.” Hamas intentionally and deliberately operates in civilians populations, including in schools and mosques, in order to get innocent Palestinians killed so they can use dead bodies as propaganda against Israel.

Hamas purposefully uses human beings as shields. Period. Hamas doesn’t operate inside civilian areas “in part,” that’s where their entire operation and propaganda campaign is based.

To Save Gaza, Destroy Hamas

AFTER nearly three weeks of fighting — notwithstanding the 12-hour pause announced early this morning by Israel — it is time to revisit some basic assumptions about Hamas. Until now, Israel assumed Hamas was the “devil we know,” capable of attacks that were mostly a nuisance; accepting its rule over the Gaza Strip was preferable to risking a vacuum of governance like what we see in Somalia and Libya. But Hamas’s reckless violence in the current round of fighting severely undermined this thinking.

First, Hamas has proved a bad ruler. By placing many of its military assets — tunnels to infiltrate Israel, bunkers for its fighters, rocket launchers to terrorize Israeli civilians — under or among mosques, hospitals and schools, Hamas turned Gaza’s civilians into a shield for its military assets, in effect daring Israel to attack them.

Then it cynically turned the predictable casualties that ensued into propaganda, and rejected cease-fire proposals, notably an Egyptian plan accepted by Israel, the Arab League and the international community. Last week, Mohammed al-Arabi, a former Egyptian foreign minister, accused it of “shedding the blood of innocent Palestinians.”

The latest round of warfare showed that Hamas had become more dangerous, and its offensive capacity stronger, than we had known. Its ability to threaten Israeli towns through its tunnels and to rain rockets on Israeli cities raised what had been a nuisance to a challenge of strategic proportions.

For these reasons, Hamas’s rule over Gaza must be brought to an end, its military wing disarmed, and Gaza’s people given the chance to elect new leaders.

This can be done in three stages:

First, Israel has every right to intensify its campaign until Hamas’s leaders agree to a cease-fire. Israel’s forces must step up the pressure on Hamas, so that its leaders feel the encirclement tightening. (So far, Israel’s incursion has destroyed more than two dozen offensive tunnels, reduced rocket fire at Israeli civilians and collected important intelligence.) Second, any cease-fire must carry the condition that Hamas cannot rearm. Third, the Palestinian Authority must regain a share of power in Gaza, so that new elections can be held.

These measures could clear the way for Gaza’s reopening to the world, so that its people could at last prosper in peace.

All of this can be achieved because of a fundamental change in Middle East politics: For perhaps the first time, there is a true convergence of interest among Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Palestinian Authority and Israel in limiting the spread of Islamist extremism.

Remember that it was the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas, that governed Gaza following Israel’s complete withdrawal from the territory in 2005. After a divisive election a year later, Hamas seized sole power in Gaza in 2007. For an enduring peace, Israel should quietly promote a resumption of control in Gaza by the Palestinian unity government, with international support. If Israel succeeds in tying a cease-fire to an immutable ban on rearmament by Hamas, government by a unified leadership of technocrats— as the Palestinian Authority and Hamas agreed to on July 3 — should be encouraged for Gaza.

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Democrats are much more pro-Hamas than Republicans or Independents. 
No one should be surprised by this.

Democrats are much more pro-Hamas than Republicans or Independents.

No one should be surprised by this.

Naftali Bennett to Al Jazeera: “Your owner, Qatar, funds the daily murder of children in Israel and Gaza.”

Naftali Bennett takes on and takes down Al Jazeera, and what a great job he did of it.

Israel, US deny veracity of transcript of ‘hostile’ Obama call to Netanyahu

Israeli TV’s account of Sunday night conversation, featuring unfriendly president unwilling to listen to counter-arguments, ‘bears no resemblance to reality,’ both sides say

Senior American and Israeli officials swiftly and adamantly denied the veracity of a purported transcript of the phone conversation between US President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, which was broadcast Tuesday by Israel’s state-run Channel 1 TV station.

The purported transcript reflected a tense and even “hostile” conversation, the TV report noted, with Obama ostensibly resolute in demanding that Israel unilaterally hold its fire in Gaza and coldly discarding all of Israel’s security concerns.

Washington and Jerusalem used similar language to state that “Neither reports nor alleged transcript bear any resemblance to reality.”

In the wake of the American and Israeli denials, the journalist who broadcast the report, Oren Nahari, told The Times of Israel that he stood by it.

In his TV report, Nahari, a veteran Channel 1 journalist, said that a senior American official forwarded him a transcript of the two leaders’ 35-minute conversation. They spoke about positive issues, such as Netanyahu thanking Obama for the administration’s support for Israel, he said. But during the part in which they discussed efforts to reach a ceasefire to end Operation Protective Edge, the president was “unfriendly, stiff-necked, unwilling to listen to counter-arguments” and even “hostile,” he said, quoting the American official.

Obama opened the conversation with a declaration, Nahari said, quoting from the purported transcript [Hebrew link]: “I demand that Israel agrees to an immediate unilateral ceasefire and ends all attacks – especially air strikes.”

The conversation then ostensibly unfolded as follows:

Netanyahu purportedly responds: “And what will Israel receive in return for a ceasefire?”

Obama answers vaguely: “I believe that Hamas will stop firing rockets — calm in return for calm.”

But Hamas has violated all five previous ceasefires, Netanyahu tells the president. “It’s a terrorist organization dedicated to Israel’s destruction.”

The president doesn’t want to listen. “I repeat: I expect Israel to unilaterally cease all military operations. The images of destruction from Gaza distance the world from Israel’s position.”

Netanyahu replies that US Secretary John Kerry’s proposal for a ceasefire (which the Israeli cabinet unanimously rejected Friday) was “utterly unrealistic and provided Hamas with military and diplomatic advantages.”

Obama: “Within a week after Israel’s military operation ends, Qatar and Turkey will start negotiations with Hamas on the basis of 2012 ceasefire (which ended the 2012 Operation Pillar of Defense), including Israel’s commitment to lift the siege and other restrictions on Gaza.”

A stunned Netanyahu replies that Turkey and Qatar are Hamas’s biggest supporters and that they can’t be relied upon to act as fair interlocutors.

“I trust Qatar and Turkey,” Obama retorts. “Israel is not at all in the position to choose its mediators.”

The Israeli leaders protests, arguing that Hamas will be allowed to launch rockets and use tunnels for terror attacks – but at this point Obama interrupts him: “The ball is in Israel’s court. It must end all its military operations.”

Washington and Jerusalem immediately denied Channel 1’s report.

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