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+ "I will plant them on their land, and they shall never again be uprooted out of the land that I have given them.."

"I will plant them on their land, and they shall never again be uprooted out of the land that I have given them.."

+ What occupation?? Know the facts:

What occupation?? Know the facts:

Lady Gaga Not Bringing Too Much Shalom With This Greeting

Lady Gaga is coming to Israel, and has excited her Israeli fans while pissing off her Arab ones with this video message.

A video released by Lady Gaga in which she greets her Israel fans with a “Shalom” has provoked mixed responses from Arab fans and social medial users.

“Shalom, Israel,” the pop superstar said in the brief greeting. “I’m so excited to perform my new tour in Tel Aviv,” she added in reference to her concert scheduled for Sept. 13.

The short video message has gone viral online, with many Arab users labeling her as “disgusting” and devilish” and having “no sensitivities” amid the recent Israeli offensive on Gaza which resulted in the deaths of more than 2,000 Palestinians and more than 65 Israelis.

“She is disgusting and I never liked her because her values are nonexistent. Now she has validated everything I have ever thought of it,” one Facebook user wrote

Another seemingly non-Arab user wrote: “The lack of sensitivity is, in my opinion, the worst of the sins!

Poll: PalArabs overwhelmingly support targeting Israeli civilians, Hamas more popular than Fatah
An overwhelming majority of 86% support the launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel if the siege and blockade are not ended.

Only 30% believe that Hamas should warn Israeli civilians in the specific targeted areas before launching its rockets; 68% believe it should not do so.

60% say that Hamas does not launch rockets from populated areas, but 30% say it does. 49% think it is justified for Hamas to launch rockets from populated areas and 46% disagree with that. 

43% agrees with the statement that the inclusion of Hamas into the PLO means an implicit acceptance by Hamas of the PLO peace program and the existing agreements with Israel.

About two thirds (64%) believe that Iran, Turkey and Qatar combined have given the Gaza Strip the ability to remain steadfast against Israeli attacks and to be able to continue to launch rockets during the war; only 9% believe Egypt too has contributed to that. Iran comes on top with 28%, followed by Turkey (21%) and Qatar (15%); 25% select other countries or actors.

In an evaluation of the performance of the various Palestinian actors during the war, Prime Minister Rami al Hamdallah comes at the bottom, with 35% giving him a positive rating. The PA comes next with 36%, Abbas with 39%, the reconciliation government with 43%, and the PLO with 44%. On top comes Khalid Mish’al with 78% approval and Hamas with 88% approval. … Khalid Mish’al’s approval rating in the Gaza Strip is 70% and is 83% in the West Bank.

If new presidential elections are held today and only two were nominated,Haniyeh, for the first time since we have started asking about his popularity about 8 years ago, would receive a majority of 61% and Abbas would receive 32%. Vote for Haniyeh stands at 53% in the Gaza Strip and 66% in the West Bank. Abbas receives 43% in the Gaza Strip and 25% in the West Bank. Two months ago, Abbas received the support of 53% in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and Haniyeh 41%.

The percentage of Gazans who say they seek immigration to other countries stands at 43%.

A majority of 53% believe that armed confrontation is the most effective means to establish a Palestinian state next to the state of Israel. Only 22% believe negotiation is the best means to establish a Palestinian state and 20% believe that popular non-violent resistance is the most effective route to statehood.

57% of the public say that they supported the June 2014 kidnapping of the three Israelis in the West Bank when that incident took place.

A majority of 54% supported the killing of the three kidnapped Israelisand 42% opposed it.

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HuffPo Continues Reporting On “The Most Important Story On Earth”

It’s barely been a week since Matti Friedman’s expose on the media treatment of “the most important story on Earth,” and Huffington Post is already doing its gosh-darned best to prove him right.  Here was HuffPo’s homepage yesterday morning.

The huge font and placement on the homepage indicates the importance that HuffPo attaches to this action (let’s not even get into the half-smiling picture of Netanyahu, the choice of which is telling in itself as he did not personally announce this).  And HuffPo’s language, “mass land grab,” passes judgment before even reciting the facts.

It’s worth asking, first of all, whether the “mass” in “mass land grab” is at all accurate.  The size of this “land grab” is only massive in comparison to previous similar actions.  This is, as the author at Reuters tells us, the biggest such appropriation in 30 years.  But how much land is actually involved?  988 acres.  That’s about one and a half square miles, or four square kilometers, or about .07% of the total West Bank.  “Mass” must be a pretty relative term to HuffPo’s editors.

The term “land grab” is obviously loaded.  But the propriety of this action is certainly a far more nuanced issue than this inflammatory headline would have you believe.  This particular 1.5 square mile area is a vacant area within Area C, the area under the Osloaccords in which Israel retains zoning authority.  It is, moreover, inside an area that would remain under Israeli control in any peace agreement.  Jonathan Tobin points outtwo reasons for this:

One is that it is just south of Jerusalem and requires no great manipulation of the map. It guards the southern flank of Israel’s capital and the area containing 22 Jewish communities with over 70,000 living there can be retained while leavingBethlehem inside a putative Palestinian state.

But this land is also significant because, contrary to the narrative in which Jews are portrayed as “stealing” Arab land, Gush Etzion was actually populated and owned by Jews not only prior to 1967 but also prior to Israel’s War of Independence. Gush Etzion was a bloc of Jewish settlements that was overrun by Jordanian army units and local Palestinians after a bitterly contested siege. Its inhabitants were either massacred or taken prisoner and their homes and farms destroyed. As such, it was the first land to be reclaimed for Jewish settlement after the 1967 war put it back in Israeli hands.

No surprise, though, that none of these points made it into the Reuters piece on Huffington Post.

So, the land in question is one and a half square miles in an area that would remain in Israel under a (hypothetical) negotiated peace deal.

Of course, this is, unquestionably, still a government appropriation of land.  But let’s put that into perspective.  In the US, for example, government appropriation of land through eminent domain is quite common.  Any New Yorker will remember the fight over the use of eminent domain to make way for the Barclays Center, now home to the Brooklyn Nets.  Many Brooklynites were irate when residents were evicted from their homes, and opposition to the project was both vigorous and protracted.  Ultimately, however, that appropriation was found to be fully legal, and next month, you can even catch Maccabi Tel Aviv playing the Nets at that very site.

Indeed, eminent domain is practiced for a variety of purposes throughout the US, and has been since the practice was enshrined in the Fifth Amendment to the US Constitution.  In fact, even the current headquarters of the New York Times (which, of course, also weighed in on this story) stands on property that was appropriated from unwilling ownersthrough eminent domain.

Whether you agree or disagree with Israel’s decision in this matter, it ought to be clear to any unbiased observer that the level of disapprobation that it is generating, from the UN, to the US State Department, to the media, is, well, disproportionate.

Western Experts

Western Experts


The Islamic Jihad Terror Ambulance

On Aug. 2, the “human rights” NGO PCHR – one of the sources considered reliable by the UN – wrote:

At approximately 15:30 (August 1), Israeli warplanes bombarded an ambulance of the Ministry of Health. As a result, 3 health workers were killed: ‘Aatef Saleh al-Zameli, 42, the driver; Yousef Ejmai’an al-Zameli, 33, a nurse; and Yousef Jaber Darabih, 25, a volunteer paramedic.

Israel attacked an ambulance! War crime!

Except for one thing: All three people killed were Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Here is the martyr poster for ‘Aatef Saleh al-Zameli:


The name of the “nurse” killed was actually Yousef Jmien Sheikh Eid. Here is his Islamic Jihadmartyr poster:


The “paramedic” Yousef Jaber Darabih was also a proud member of the jihadist terror group:


Darabih was also a “scout leader.” I wonder what he was teaching his young charges?

If these three terrorists were using an ambulance as a means to protect themselves and weapons from attack – and given that every single one of them is a member of Islamic Jihad, this seems likely – then they were the ones performing war crimes. It also indicates that the Gaza Ministry of Health was not only working closely with the Al Qassam Brigades to use their ambulances to transport terrorists and probably weapons, but they also worked with Islamic Jihad.

Not that the UN or any “human rights” NGO will investigate that.

+ Joe’s World: The New Nazis?
via: Israellycool

Joe’s World: The New Nazis?

via: Israellycool

by @cvaldary

If you come across anyone in America who calls for an end to aid to Israel for allegedly persecuting Gazans, feel free to use the below as a model response:

Notwithstanding your faulty premise, let us play along. You are American. Your tax dollars also goes to UNRWA which provides aid to Gaza all of which is pocketed by Hamas’s gang of bandits all of whom just so happen to be mostly millionaires. 

This money is used to maintain Hamas’s dictatorship which entails the persecution of political minorities in Gaza, the murder of gays in Gaza, the murder of so-called collaborators in Gaza, the torturing of political dissidents in Gaza, the persecution of Christians in Gaza, the teaching of martyrdom in Gaza, the conscription of 12 year olds in gaza for the sake of martyrdom, child slave labor vis-a-vis building tunnels in Gaza (wherein, according to Palestinian Arab sources, 160 children were murdered in the process) and the sanctioning of honor crimes by Hamas (and other groups) in Gaza, just to name a few. 

Therefore by your own standard, you must not only protest aid to Israel, you must also protest aid to Gaza since it is stolen and mismanaged (thats a nice way of putting it) by Hamas.

Moreover, these human rights abuses committed by Hamas dispels your entire premise. The idea that a blockade of Gaza which, ostensibly, persecutes Gazans is the reason why Hamas launched rockets against Israel makes no sense, when you consider that Hamas engages in ACTUAL persecution of Gazans, which you seem to be sinisterly silent about.

 I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have been largely innocent of this fact. I await your condemnation of Hamas and your subsequent call to end all aid to Gaza based upon the standard that you have set forth.

+ Based on this fact: Do you still think that Israel is worse than Iraq,Syria,Egypt and Libya for Arabs?

Based on this fact: Do you still think that Israel is worse than Iraq,Syria,Egypt and Libya for Arabs?