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US defends Kuwait Airways discrimination against Israelis

The United States Secretary of Transportation is defending Kuwait Airways against charges of discrimination due to the airline’s refusal to carry Israelis on its non-stop New York - London route. 

In late 2013, a formal complaint was filed with the U.S. Secretary of Transportation (Secretary) alleging illegal discrimination by Kuwait Airways (KA) on the basis of national origin, in violation of federal law proscribing such discrimination by air carriers. The complaint concerned the airline’s refusal to transport Israeli nationals on nonstop flights from New York to London. KA’s bigoted policy is readily apparent: to purchase tickets through the airline’s website, the passenger must select his or her nationality from a drop-down list of countries, as well as the passport issuing country. Israel is absent from these drop-downs and, consequently, Israeli nationals cannot buy tickets.
The Secretary denied the complaint earlier this year, asserting that KA had not violated any U.S. anti-discrimination law because the airline is required to comply with Kuwaiti law, which prohibits Israeli passport holders from entering Kuwait. As the attorney now pursuing this matter correctly articulated, "In essence, the Secretary determined that Kuwait Airways did not violate U.S. law because that airline was required by Kuwaiti law to discriminate against Israeli nationals.” The Secretary’s rationale is particularly unfounded because the flight at issue goes from New York to London; the fact that Israeli passport holders cannot enter Kuwait is wholly irrelevant. Moreover, if any entity conducts business in the United States, it must comply with U.S. law.
Dissatisfied with the response, Eldad Gatt, who filed the initial complaint, commenced an action in U.S. federal court in March 2014, appealing the Secretary’s denial and requesting appropriate relief, arguing that “[t]he Secretary has officially endorsed Kuwait Airways’ policy of boycotting Israeli nationals, and has explicitly authorized Kuwait Airways to continue its blatantly discriminatory practices.”

The complainant is hoping that Kuwait Airways will be barred from operating in the United States if it refuses to change its discriminatory practices.

I’m planning a trip next month, so just for the fun of it, I went to Kuwait Airways’ website and tried to book a round trip between London and New York. It keeps telling me that there are no flights available. In fact, I even tried pushing the reservation to June and got told no flights available. And I never reached the nationality question. You don’t think they’re refusing to transport me because my computer is in Israel, do you?

You know, back in 1991, Israel took a whole bunch of missiles for Kuwait…. 

Just sayin’….

Chabad House Attacked in the Ukraine.

This past Shabbos night (Friday night April 18), the Chabad House in Nikolaev, Ukraine, was attacked by unknown assailants with Molotov cocktails (petrol or gas bombs).  The attack was caught on camera…

Fortunately (hashgacha pratit), a passing driver saw the fire, stopped and put it out.

The Chabad Shaliach, Rabbi Sholom Gottlieb, stated it was a serious incident reaching the level of terror.

Being located in Southern Ukraine near the Black Sea and Crimea (100km from Crimea), it’s unclear but possible this is a result of Russian Nationalism and Russian rebels challenging the sovereignty of the Ukrainian government.  This also follows closely on the heels of threats to the Jewish community in Donetsk, Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Crisis, Overland Kansas JCC and You (and Me)

This past week saw rumors about Jews in the Ukraine being forced to register property with the government or face deportation. Was it an agitator or the government? Was is real or not? It matters not because it highlighted a simple fact. It could have been real and the collective Jewish response was hand wringing , a collective sigh and maybe a Facebook page or two opened to ” Protest Anti Semitism in the Ukraine”

Is this what it means to demonstrate Jewish pride? Is this the response of a generation that swore “Never Again”? Is our collective Jewishness defined by “likes” and re-tweets to the point where we go to sleep confident that a Jewish heart and sharing a United With Israel picture is all G-d expects of us?

I recall vividly the words of a Nazi as he stood over a Jew in the Auschwitz camps. The guard would beat him and mock him; ” Who are you praying to? there is no G-d out there! And soon there will be no Jews in the world!! You know why??? We Germans- we are taking care of the Jews in Europe!! Our good friends the Arabs, they will take care of the Jews in Palestine ! And American Jews?? HA HA HA American Jews will take care of themselves. They will disappear on their own!!!”

What are we doing in response to this dire prediction? Threats in the Ukraine. Shootings at Jewish Community Centers. Our own children , with our tacit approval , assimilating into the fabric of society with a full 67 percent of Brooklyn Jewry targeted to vanish within the next 20- 60 years. Hitler taught us how to identify Jews. The agitators taught us that a Jew will always be identified. As far back as the garden of Eden, people thought they could run and hide from G-d but G-d knows where to find us.

What is the answer to “Never Again” .. If Iran chooses to drop a bomb in Israel (or California or New York) are we so confident that we do not deserve it? The Jew was handed the modern day state of Israel through nothing less than open miracles and with great cost of lives. How many miracles do we deserve?

And yet we are promised that we can be deserving of miracles. In the Haggadah which was read by the millions of Jews world wide earlier on Passover, we read , quoted from the Torah the Covenant that G-d made with our forefathers that the Jewish people will be eternal. We also read in the Haggadah “V’he Sh’omda LaAvosainu And THIS is what stood by our ancestors and saved them from the threats of the generation” What is THIS that saved our ancestors so that we could live as Jews today?

The verse reads Os HE l’olmaid ad — THIS is a sign for all eternity. This sign is the Shabbos !! If we want to make Never Again a reality , we must understand that JCC shootings , Ukrainian Anti Semitism and more are simply wake up calls, messages being left on our answering machine to be answered when we finally get around to listening.

The message of the Passover Seder is that our ancestors went through much for their descendants and did so because of a promise from Someone who is involved in our lives every day. He wants to hear from us.

Yes, G-d loves Jews with Jewish hearts . If we are to make NEVER AGAIN A reality , however, the time has come for us to help nourish our Jewish feet, arms, legs , eyes and more.

How can we start ? If you are reading this post and it is between 18 minutes before sundown on Friday and an hour after sundown on Saturday…. Do not reply…. walk away from your computer and spend Shabbos time with friends and family. If it is after Shabbos (and not the last two days of Passover) reach out and let us listen to our messages together!

Good Shabbos!

R’ Dovid Winiarz

US Synagogue network urges Jews not to walk home alone


In an unprecedented move, the National Council of Young Israel has urged American Jews not to walk home from synagogue alone on the two final days of the Passover holiday. 

The security precaution is one of several emailed to those affiliated with the national modern orthodox synagogue network this week in response to the recent shooting attack at a Jewish Community Center in Overland Park, Kansas.

Jewish community centers, synagogues and other institutions around the country boosted their security last week following the attack, in which Klansman Frazier Glenn Cross killed three people, including a teenage boy.

Police have increased their presence at Jewish sites in both New York and Washington and senior Jewish communal officials have consulted with both the FBI and Department of Homeland Security.

“Don’t walk home alone late at night. Always walk with a buddy,” NCYI’s Ari Matityahu recommended to affiliate communities.

Other security precautions suggested include not letting strangers into synagogues, employing the “Run/Hide/Fight model of active shooter response” and securing trash cans so that “bombs can’t be hidden in them.”

In America? 

Egyptian “expert” pushes Passover blood libel. Sponsored by Visa.

MEMRI translates an article from Egyptian magazine El Kibar by Firnas Hafzi, a supposed expert on Hebrew who also writes about fashion, beauty and health.

The article breaks new ground in the classic Passover blood libel, recycling the historic medieval blood libels as fact and adding new accusations against Jews.

The article, along with illustrations from antisemitic and even Nazi sources, is online.


In another stage of the Passover celebrations, [the Jews] combined the preparation of matzas and the offering up of sacrifices with their enmity towards non-Jews, especially Christians, and mixed the blood of one of their victims into the matza [dough. This was done] especially on Passover, Purim and circumcision rituals. They also used blood in acts of sorcery and witchcraft…

…The draining of the victims’ blood is done in [several ways. One method is] by means of a barrel lined with needles. This is a barrel the size of the victim’s body, with sharp needles that stick into all his limbs when he is placed in it, so that his blood slowly trickles down from every part of his body. This entails excruciating torment, which gives pleasure to the Jews who become drunk with joy at the sight of the blood dripping from the victim’s [body] to the bottom of the barrel and into a container placed there to collect it. [Another method] is to slaughter the victim like a sheep and collecting his blood in a vessel, or else slashing the victim’s veins in numerous places so that the blood flows from the wounds into the vessels. Then the blood is handed to a rabbi who prepares a matza laced with human blood in order to please the Jewish god, Jehovah, who thirsts for blood.
The Jews can rejoice in their holidays only if they eat matza laced with the blood of non-Jews.

Based on this false [narrative] in the Torah and this barbaric behavior anchored in delusions, we can understand what motivates the Zionist leaders to kill Arab children in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine. Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once said, insolently, ‘whenever I hear of the birth of an Arab child I cannot sleep at night.’

…The Jewish crimes which came to light throughout history and which were investigated and tried are a drop in the ocean compared to the Jewish crimes that no one knows about. The thousands of children and others who vanish around the world are probably victims of Jewish rituals. Their blood surely lies in Jewish stomachs along with the holiday matzas.

The Jews have tried denying that they drain the blood of non-Jews and use it in their holiday matzas, and they continue to deny it. Rabbi Moussa Abu ‘Afia [one of the Jews implicated in the 1840 Damascus blood libel] converted to Islam during the investigation into the [murder] of Father Toma in order to escape punishment. He gave important testimony regarding the Talmud and the directions it contains that hint at crimes and barbarity.

As part of the efforts to deny [the Jewish crimes], Jewish Americans wrote stories about vampires in the 1970s, in order to disassociate themselves from the accusation of sucking human blood and deceive [the mechanisms of] justice. During that period they spent millions on Dracula films, in order to deceive world public opinion. They claimed that those who slaughter children and adults and suck their blood are lunatics and that all this has nothing to do with them and their religious rituals. On February 14, 1964, the [Egyptian] magazine Al-Musawwar published a story about vampires in Colombia after many [Colombian] children had been slaughtered to shed their blood. Neither the magazine nor the investigators in Colombia dreamed that the vampires might be Jews, rather than [people who] sell blood to hospitals.

Out of hundreds of millions of Arabs, I cannot find a single one denouncing these lies and incitement. 

We know from past experience that such naked antisemitism in Arab media cannot be solved by merely publicizing it. Most Arabs are not even aware that there is anything offensive about describing Jews as murderous bloodsuckers.

However, a major advertiser for Al Kibar is Visa, with this ad popping up on most articles and shown on the main page:

I emailed to Visa’s media relations departments for Egypt ( , the US (  and Europe (

Dear sir or madam,

Visa Middle East is a major advertiser for Egypt’s El Kebar magazine. Every online article seems to pop up your ad for the FIFA World Cup promotion.

The current issue includes a sickeningly antisemitic article by Firnas Hafzi that calls Jews “vampires,” that claims that Jews kill Christian children to drink their blood and mix them with Passover matzah, and that the Dracula story was made up by Jews to deflect from people realizing that they are the ones who suck people’s blood.

And that is just the beginning. 

The article is here, the translation is here. Your ad is linked from the front page of the El Kebar website and pops up when viewing this vile antisemitic article.

I would hope that now that you are aware that your brand is being associated with the most disgusting kinds of incitement, that you will not only drop all sponsorship of this magazine but also demand that El Kebar issue a strong apology for publishing this filth. 

What do you plan to do about this, and when?

I am a news blogger with thousands of readers, and I am writing about this article and your sponsorship of it. 

I look forward to your speedy reply.

I urge you to write to Visa as well. 

Here is a chance to make a difference.

Mayor of Kansas shooter’s hometown: I agree with his views

Dan Clevenger, who once called himself a friend of Frazier Miller, accuses Jews of destroying country


The mayor of Marionville, Missouri, hometown of the suspect in the weekend’s fatal shootings outside two Jewish sites in suburban Kansas City, said this week that he agreed with some of Frazier Miller’s views on Jews.

“I kind of agreed with him on some things but I don’t like to express that too much,” Dan Clevenger said Monday in an interview with Springfield, Missouri’s KSPR news.

“There’s some things going on in this country that’s destroying us,” said Clevenger, who also owns a repair shop in Marionville. “We’ve got a false economy. And it’s some of those corporations, are run by Jews, cause the names are there.”

“I’m a friend of Frazier Miller helping to spread his warning,” he wrote in an October 26, 2004 letter to the Aurora Advertiser.

“The Jew-run medical industry has succeeded in destroying the United States work force,” Clevenger continued. “That is why our factories left.”

He added that the medical industry “made a few Jews rich by killin’ us off.”

Miller, also known as Frazier Glenn Cross, is a 73-year-old Vietnam War veteran from southwest Missouri who founded the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan in his native North Carolina and later the White Patriot Party.

Miller remained jailed Wednesday. It was unclear when formal charges would be filed against Miller, who shouted “Heil Hitler” at television cameras as he was arrested. Officials said Monday that a federal grand jury is expected to consider what investigators are calling a hate crime.

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3 Dead In Shooting Spree At Jewish Community Center In Kansas: Shooter Reportedly Shouted “Heil Hitler!”

Three people are dead at the Jewish Community Center in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kansas after being shot by a gun wielding fan of Adolph Hitler, may his memory be obliterated (Hat Tip: Sunlight). 

Overland Park Police confirm multiple shots were fired at the center, which is located at 5801 W 115th St., and Village Shalom, an assisted living center located at 5500 W. 123rd. Both areas are currently on lockdown.
Police took one man into custody at the Valley Park Elementary at 123rd and Nall. The man was heard yelling “heil Hitler” as he was taken into custody.
A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition at an area hospital.
A 41 Action News photographer on the scene spoke with Mark Brodky, a member at the JCC, who says another man pointed a gun at him and shot the windows out of his car, “I thought he was shooting an air rifle and all the sudden he shot at me.”
Brodky also says he’s seen the alleged shooter before. “He’s a member of the club. But I don’t know his name.”

You can follow updates at the center’s Facebook page here.  More here

For our children, before it’s too late.

Testimony detailing the reasons a Belgian Jewish family chose to leave Belgium for the United States: the rise of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, the attacks of Toulouse, Islamism, etc.

One of our greatest enemy. Help us to fight agains it!


Anti-Semitism at the UN then and now.

The UN “Human Rights” Council met in Geneva to celebrate and push the implementation of the “Vienna Declaration of Human Rights and Programme of Action” (VDPA). UN delegates remember Vienna fondly.

Anne Bayefsky - who was at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna and was present when the VDPA was adopted - bears witness to a much different story than both the UN and Western governments have been prepared to tell.