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3 Dead In Shooting Spree At Jewish Community Center In Kansas: Shooter Reportedly Shouted “Heil Hitler!”

Three people are dead at the Jewish Community Center in the Kansas City suburb of Overland Park, Kansas after being shot by a gun wielding fan of Adolph Hitler, may his memory be obliterated (Hat Tip: Sunlight). 

Overland Park Police confirm multiple shots were fired at the center, which is located at 5801 W 115th St., and Village Shalom, an assisted living center located at 5500 W. 123rd. Both areas are currently on lockdown.
Police took one man into custody at the Valley Park Elementary at 123rd and Nall. The man was heard yelling “heil Hitler” as he was taken into custody.
A 14-year-old boy is in critical condition at an area hospital.
A 41 Action News photographer on the scene spoke with Mark Brodky, a member at the JCC, who says another man pointed a gun at him and shot the windows out of his car, “I thought he was shooting an air rifle and all the sudden he shot at me.”
Brodky also says he’s seen the alleged shooter before. “He’s a member of the club. But I don’t know his name.”

You can follow updates at the center’s Facebook page here.  More here

For our children, before it’s too late.

Testimony detailing the reasons a Belgian Jewish family chose to leave Belgium for the United States: the rise of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism, the attacks of Toulouse, Islamism, etc.

One of our greatest enemy. Help us to fight agains it!


Anti-Semitism at the UN then and now.

The UN “Human Rights” Council met in Geneva to celebrate and push the implementation of the “Vienna Declaration of Human Rights and Programme of Action” (VDPA). UN delegates remember Vienna fondly.

Anne Bayefsky - who was at the 1993 UN World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna and was present when the VDPA was adopted - bears witness to a much different story than both the UN and Western governments have been prepared to tell.

"I Urge Jewish Students … To Avoid Most London Colleges…; The Atmosphere is Thoroughly Toxic"

Remember my recent posthere regarding the adoption of a BDS motion by the King’s College London Students’ Union (KCLSU)?

As reported in the campus newspaper, KCLSU’s Trustee Board has since decided that it won’t override the motion, and that consequently 

"the motion will be published within the KCLSU Welfare and Community Zone alongside other issues on which our members have, by majority, voted."

The same source reports that the Trustee Board also decided that 

”we will not use KCLSU resources to implement the ‘Resolves’ section of the motion or otherwise promote the BDS movement through the union.”

 It quotes KCLSU President and Chair of the Trustee Board Sebastiaan Debrouwere thus:

"[The Board] decided that the motion as democratically approved by Student General Meeting should stand as a record of the majority view expressed on the issue, but that we should not act on the resolves, given the laws that govern us as a charity and our wider objectives as a charity…"

Cold comfort for Jewish and other pro-Israel students on a campus where for all too many anti-Israel activity seems to have become a way of life:

"As an alumnus of KCL, I wrote to the Chancellor a few months ago, expressing concern about the College - during my time there, extremist groups like Hizb-ut Tahrir set up stalls at the entrance and acted in an intimidating way, and the Jewish Society’s noticeboard was routinely vandalised and defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti, including Holocaust denial. The College also has the dubious "honour" of educating a British suicide bomber, who attempted to blow up Mike’s Bar in Tel Aviv (his accomplice was unfortunately successful).
The Chancellor’s representative assured me that the atmosphere was now completely different and there was no problem at all.
They then invited Richard Falk, the anti-Semite at the UN, to give a speech. This time the Chancellor gave me a list of Falk’s credentials, and defended the invitation.
I see nothing has changed. The College authorities, whilst not directly responsible for the shameful vote, stoke the fire and then act all surprised when it the fire spreads.
I urge Jewish students, and right minded decent young people, to avoid most London colleges - indeed, most UK campuses, and study somewhere else. The atmosphere is thoroughly toxic.”

So writes a commenter named Adam on my recent post here.

Oxford student Jonathan Hunter (if the name if familiar, it’s probably because of this incident)  reflected thus on KCL’s invitation to Falk:

"…..This man has repeatedly violated principles at the forefront of King’s College’s own external speakers policy; especially in regard to the incitement of religious hatred. And his talk wasn’t even educational; it was filled with garbage. A moral equivocation between U.S. military action during the Second World War and Nazi genocide. A defence of what he even termed ‘inconsistency’ in singling out Israel and the U.S. for human rights abuses. After the talk, when I approached him for clarification on some his views, he basically denied outright that he was a 9/11 truther; despite being a signatory to an organisation called 9/11 Truth.
So why on earth did King’s College invite this clown? Why should King’s grant legitimacy to this complete and utter nut? And more bizarrely, how can this be a compulsory session for students?….
In essence, it boils down to that obsession with Israel which permeates nearly every academic institution. A pathological infatuation which latches onto any crank so long as he has something bad to say about Israel.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a Holocaust denier like Israel Shamir – the House of Lords will warmly receive him. Nobody cares if it’s someone as offensive as George Galloway – the Oxford Union will still invite him. Who gives a damn if they’re an apologist for suicide bombers? Azzam Tamimi continues to hop from campus to campus spouting hatred….”

The toxic atmosphere which Adam cites is, of course, apparent on many campuses in the Western world, especially during the excrescence known as “Israel Apartheid Week” (see, for example, the  outbreak of antisemitic daubingsat Adelaide University recently (more here) and the outrageous goings-on at Vassar, as described here.

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Right on! 

Right on! 

Study: Palestinian Textbooks Being Used By The U.N. Rife With Calls For Violence Against against Jews in Israel.

Survey finds that 150 new Palestinian Authority textbooks continue to delegitimize and demonize Israel, and call for violent struggle instead of peace

• The books claim that the Jews have no rights to Israel, including to Jewish holy sites

Via Israel Hayom:

A recent study of 150 new Palestinian Authority textbooks used by a U.N. educational body reveal widespread delegitimization of Israel and continued calls to use violence against Jews in Israel.

The survey was conducted by the Near East Policy Research Center and led by Dr. Arnon Gross, a professor in Islamic Study and veteran Arab affairs correspondent for Israel Radio. Gross’ survey translated 150 new Palestinian Authority textbooks. The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, which runs 250 schools in the Gaza Strip and 100 in Judea and Samaria, claims there is no incitement in the Palestinian Authority textbooks studied in its schools.

In the books, the center found widepsread delegitimization and demonization of Israel, and a call for violent struggle instead of peace. According to the textbooks, the Jews have no rights to Israel, including to Jewish holy sites, and are not considered legitimate residents of the country. The name “Israel” appears less than a handful of times on the maps and is usually replaced with Palestine, and areas inside pre-1967 Israel are described exclusively as Palestinian.

The center sent a letter to UNRWA asking it to correct the deficiencies, including: correcting maps to show current borders and mark the land inside the pre-1967 borders as Israel; showing Jewish cities as well as Palestinian ones in maps; recognizing sites holy to Jews in discussions of holy sites; mentioning in demographic discussions the millions of Jews who live in Israel; removing sections that demonize Israel or Jews, and removing violent struggle as a solution.

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Leader of Iranian green movement won’t even shake hands with a a fellow Jewish Iranian.

Some of you might recall that in 2009, I kept asking all the Iranian greens I was following where they stood on Israel. If they weren’t open to having diplomatic relations with us, I would ignore them. A curse on both their houses. I couldn’t get a straight answer. I kept getting told it’s not relevant now.

Now, I know for sure why I got that answer. Here’s an English translation of the caption of the picture above.

“This is Iran’s deceased Ayatollah Montazeri (d. December, 2009) in the photograph where he rejected ‎shaking the hand of a fellow Jewish Iranian.
He declined the handshake because he did not want to become dirty (najis) and his cleanliness despoiled for his “Salaat” preparation (for prayer, as a Muslim), by contacting the (najis, infidel) Jew.” (thanks to S for the translation) 

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+ 522 years ago today, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain issued the infamous Alhambra Decree, which required that all Jews depart within four months, or face death without trial.A community of over 150,000 souls, settled in the region for over a thousand years, vanished.These uprooted Sephardic Jews formed new communities throughout the Mediterranean region, including modern-day Turkey. Spain was arguably the most powerful nation on Earth. It didn’t last long…Image: The Inquisition Tribunal by Francisco de Goya.

522 years ago today, Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain issued the infamous Alhambra Decree, which required that all Jews depart within four months, or face death without trial.

A community of over 150,000 souls, settled in the region for over a thousand years, vanished.

These uprooted Sephardic Jews formed new communities throughout the Mediterranean region, including modern-day Turkey. 

Spain was arguably the most powerful nation on Earth. It didn’t last long…

Image: The Inquisition Tribunal by Francisco de Goya.

Archaeologists Find Treblinka Gas Chambers.

The first-ever archaeological excavations at the Nazi death camp Treblinka in Poland have revealed new mass graves, as well as the first physical evidence that this camp held gas chambers. The camp had been bulldozed in 1943. To cover their tracks, the Nazis went so far as to plant crops and build a farmhouse on the leveled ground.

Historians estimate that about 900,000 Jews were murdered at the camp over just 16 months.

The Nazis began deporting Jews to Treblinka in July 1942, mostly from the ghettos of Warsaw and Radom. There were two camps: Treblinka I was a forced-labor camp where prisoners were made to manufacture gravel for the Nazi war effort. A little more than a mile (2 kilometers) away was Treblinka II, the death camp, where Jews were sent on trains.

The victims were told that they were going to a transit camp before being sent on to a new life in eastern Europe. The deception was elaborate: Nazis erected a fake train station in the remote spot, complete with false ticket-counter and clock.

“There was an orchestra set up near the reception area of the camp to play,”

archaeologist Caroline Sturdy Colls told Live Science.

“It was run by a famous composer at the time, Artur Gold.”

The gas chamber was the subject of the teams’ second dig. The excavations revealed a brick wall and foundation. There were two sets of gas chambers built at Treblinka, the first with a capacity of about 600 people, the second able to hold about 5,000. The gas chambers were the only brick buildings in the camp, Colls said. The digs also revealed orange tiles that matched eyewitness descriptions of the floor of the gas chambers.

Each tile was stamped with a Star of David, apparently in order to fool the victims into believing that the building was “a Jewish-style bathhouse.”

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