My Jordan Valley - Naftali Bennett

(Photo: Back during my hair days hiking with my wife, Gilat, on a trip to Sartaba)

There are thirteen Moshavei Ovdim, three Moshavim Shitufim, six Kibbutzim and five communal settlements.

Almog, Argaman, Avnat, Beit Haarava, Beka’ot , Gilgal, Gitit, Hamra , Hemdat, Kalya, Maskiot , Masua, Mehola, Mekhora, Mevo’ot Yericho, Mitzpe Shalem, Netiv HaGdud, Niran , Na’omi, Petza’el, Ro’i , Rotem, Shadmot Mehola, Tomer, Vered Yeriho, Yafit and Yitav.

These are settlements that were established by the Moshavim Movement, the Agricultural Union, Mishkei Herut Beitar, United Kibbutz Movement, Hapoel HaMizrachi, HaOved HaTzioni and Amana.

This is the defensive line that protects those of us in the center of the country.

Even the argument of “ruling over another nation” is not valid there.

"The security border of the State of Israel will be located in the Jordan Valley, in the broadest meaning of that term.”

- Yitzhak Rabin z”l in his last political speech in the Knesset on October 5th, 1995.

In short, the Jordan Valley is a beautiful place, and it is too important to attempt suicide by handing it over. And, most importantly, it is ours.

So forget it.

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