Livni: ‘If there are no ‘Palestinian’ partners for peace, make peace with aliens’

This conversation doesn’t need a whole lot of comment.

Livni assailed the Right on Monday morning, criticizing the groups who send their families to establish new illegal outposts in the West Bank, implying that they endanger and encumber the IDF with defending them as well as misusing the state’s funds which could otherwise be used to improve the inflated housing prices across the country.
The justice minister also said that she was angry with those who “are happy whenever they can say that there is no peace partner,” so they tell us “do not even try.”
She added that really these same groups would say that “even if there was a partner we should not give up one meter of land, because they are not really ready for any compromise.”
"The question is not whether or not there is a partner [for peace]. We need to set a goal and act, and if there is no Palestinian partner - we must sign an agreement with the world," she said.
Livni’s comments received a mocking response from Economy Minister Bennett who suggested that if the Palestinians are not partners for peace, Israel should make peace with aliens.


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