Oh my… look what the ‘Palestinians’ turned down

As you read this post, please keep in mind that Britain held on to Hong Kong for 99 years before turning it over to China when the lease expired…barely. And China and Hong Kong (and the British) were not at a state of war. 

The ‘Palestinians’ were offered to have the Jordan Valley returned to them after only 10 years! Even that was couched in terms of the ‘Palestinians’ needing time to train an army. There is currently a state of war between Israel and the ‘Palestinians.’ But fear not. The ‘Palestinians’ turned it down

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has reportedly shot down a proposal by US Secretary of State John Kerry to maintain Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley for ten years following the signing of an Israeli-Palestinian peace accord, a Palestinian official told Al-Ayyam.
During this time, according to the paper, PA security forces would be trained to assume control over the Jordan Valley.
Quoting an unnamed Palestinian official, the paper said that Kerry’s ideas also include “invisible” Israeli presence at the border crossings between the West Bank and Jordan. In addition, the Americans would install early warning systems on hilltops in the West Bank, the official told the paper.
The Palestinians, however, rejected the offered American security “ideas,” saying the arrangements proposed were totally unacceptable.
The official described the meeting between Kerry and Abbas last week as being “worse than bad,” and added that the American stance on the subject is a step back from proposals made in the past.
He added that the Palestinians “will never accept Israeli presence in the valley.”
The official accused the Americans of “abandoning” ideas previously presented by former US security coordinator Gen. John Allen. Those ideas, the official pointed out, talk about the deployment of US-led NATO troops in the Jordan Valley with no Israeli presence.

 They really do never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. Heh.

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