Ushpitzim is a new musical video-essay  by Inna Rogatchi on the Michael Rogatchi’s original series of paintings depicting the Patriarchs, the Matriarchs and the Torah heroes and heroines. According to the curators, the series is  unique in the history of art.

The series has started with seven works of Ushpitzim who are visiting us during each day of Sukkoth, and later on was contibued with Matriarchs and the some of the Torah heroes and heroines.  The series is the core of the FOREFATHERS art collection on the modern spiritual art created by Michael Rogatchi.

Michael Rogatchi is world-renowned artist, the European master of metaphorical expressionism who lives and works in Finland and Italy. His works belongs to many leading museums, public institutions and private collections world-wide. More on him and his art - at

Michael and Inna Rogatchi and The Rogatchi Foundation ( send cordial greetings to all followers of Eretz Israel  blog with ‘the Time of Our Joy’ - the Sukkoth holiday.

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