Tired of having to go to the doctor every time you need a checkup? Now, with the new smartphone developed by Israeli company LifeWatch Technologies, all you need is your phone in order to perform and analyze a wide range of medical tests – anywhere, at any time, with the click of a button.

“The android based LifeWatch V will be especially useful to help manage many aspects of a chronic medical condition such as diabetes. Blood glucose test strips can be inserted right into a portal on the phone’s stainless steel frame and it can send reminders to check glucose levels and take insulin,” says CEO Dr. Yacov Geva.

Geva adds: “With the help of the smartphone’s embedded sensors, you can also check your blood oxygen saturation level, perform an at-home electro-cardiogram (ECG) or measure your blood pressure with an attached sleeve. Additionally, the smartphone offers the use of a thermometer and a pedometer to keep track of your daily footsteps. To top it off, you can also use the smartphone to calculate your body fat percentage and even log your workouts.”


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