Obama appoints Hamas supporter who called Israelis Nazis to commission on religious freedom

President Obama has appointed James Zogby to his commission on religious freedom. Zogby is a certified Jew-hater (Hat Tip: Jack W). 

James Zogby called Hezbollah “the Lebanese armed resistance”, defended Hamas supporters and urging understanding Hamas. He was less understanding toward Jews calling Israelis “Nazis” and accusing Israel of perpetrating a Holocaust against the PLO.
A vehement opponent of freedom of speech, Zogby took the Islamist side of the Mohammed cartoon controversy, writing, “To declare, as some have, that such freedom is absolute is, of course, nonsense since every culture, by definition, has its taboos. The measure of a civilization is not the freedom it provides to defile taboos, but how respectful and sensitive it is to the taboos of diverse cultures, especially those within its midst.”
Zogby then implied that cartoons that offend Muslims should be banned.

Of course, Zogby isn’t the only certified Jew-hater among President Obama’s recent appointments.

Aren’t you glad you reelected him?

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