Receiving the Award Her Son Never Could.

Mothers, fathers and siblings all excitedly awaited the soldiers’ climb up the last hill, where they would become the newest members of the elite unit Yahalom.

One mother in the crowd knew she would not see her son among the unit’s newest fighters. Cpl. Joshua Hefetz, who once stood shoulder-to-shoulder with these soldiers, passed away due to health conditions while trying out for the unit in April 2012. Last week, his mother, Leah Hefetz, attended the Yahalom graduation ceremony and accepted her son’s pin in his memory.

“During the shiva [mourning period following his passing], so many people whom I had never met visited us. I asked each of them ‘Who are you?’ and each said, ‘I am a good friend of Joshua’s.’ Not just ‘a friend’ - ‘a good friend.’”

Since her son’s passing, Leah has not only become a part of the Yahalom unit, but has also received the attention of the IDF’s General Staff. This past April, she was invited to join the Chief of the General Staff’s delegation to Poland for March of the Living, a march dedicated to preserving the memory of the Holocaust.

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