Has the Temple Mount become a Theme Park?

Temple Institute says Islamists are turning the Mount into a site for fun and games.

The Temple Mount, which is Judaism’s holiest location, has turned into a theme park for Muslim children in the course of the last month, according to Jewish activists.

Temple Mount organizations are outraged at the “desecration” of Judaism’s holiest site, as Muslim authorities encourage ball games, among others, and oversized dolls, on what is considered hallow ground by both Jews and Muslims.

The Temple Institute said that the Islamist “Al Aqsa Fund” is behind most of this activity on the Mount, and that it seeks to attract Muslims – mostly from northern Israel – to the Mount in this way.

Muslims are told that their constant presence on the Mount is important because the Al Aqsa mosque is in danger, and because it is time to establish an Islamic caliphate that will rule the Middle East from the Mount.

The Temple Organization’s HQ slammed police for allowing the desecration of the Mount to go on under its very nose, whilst banning Jews from worshipping there.

"Instead of respecting High Court decisions that forbade games throughout the Mount, the same police harasses and arrests Jews who respect the sanctity of the place through prayer or prostration,” the HQ said.

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