Dvar Torah on this weeks parsha-Masei


I’ve decided to start writing a dvar torah (brief sermon) on the parsha (torah portion) of the week relating it to Israel. I know there are a few Jews and people who want to convert that are following me so you may (or may not) find this interesting. (Also, if you ever meet anyone who claims to be a religious Jew as well as being anti-zionist, read to them this dvar torah. They won’t be able to argue with you.)

This weeks Parsha is parshas Masei. There is a verse in it which reads: 

והוֹרשתם את הארץ וישבתם בה כי לכם נתתּי את הארץ לרשת אתה 

You shall possess the land and dwell in it, for to you have I given the land to possess it (33:53)

The Ramban (Nachmanides) comments on this verse, “In my opinion, this is a positive commandment, enjoining the Jewish people to dwell in the land and take possession of it, for He gave it to them and they shall not despise Hashems inheritance.” He continues this by bringing proofs about why the land should be possessed and sums up by saying, “Thus, it is a positive commandment for all generations, obligating every one of us during the period of exile.”

Rashi, (the main commentary of the torah) goes even further in certain places and says that it could even be sinful to dwell outside of Israel and Jews must settle there. 

However, the Ramban and Rashi disagree in regards to what the mitzvah (commandment) actually is. Ramban says that the mitzvah is “You shall dwell in it" while Rashi holds that the mitzvah is "You must possess the land”. Both agree though, that there is some mitzvah related to resettling the land. 

Although I can’t quote every commentary and opinion on this topic, take it from me that the vast majority of rulings throughout the generations, rule in favour of there being a positive, obligatory, perpetual, biblical commandment to live in Israel. 

And that is yet another reason why Israel should be supported and if you are a Jew who doesn’t support Israel, you aren’t religious and you’re a traitor.

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