Very Good News Israel

The Magic Touch

 By Michael Ordman
There are occasions when I think that the international media must possess a device comparable to Harry Potter’s “cloak of invisibility”. It hides Israel’s achievements so skillfully that most of the inhabitants of this planet must be under the illusion that some unseen magician is responsible for half of the world’s innovations. Well the aim of my blogs is to expose the media’s sorcery and reveal what’s really going on.
Israeli doctors definitely have a magic touch.  How else can they perform such delicate operations?  Like the two three-hour operations reconstructing the faces of twin 14-year-old Muslim boys at Haifa’s Ramban hospital. A genetic defect caused their cleft palate and nose, and fused fingers. Meanwhile, the Jewish State is the country of choice for Syrian doctors to send the wounded from their own civil war.  The latest Syrian casualties to be taken to Israeli hospitals included a 16-year-old boy suffering from gunshot wounds, a 13 year-old girl and two boys aged nine and fifteen. Even the normally anti-Israel Lebanese Daily Star is reporting the phenomena. In total, Israel has now treated over 100 Syrians. (Read more…)
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