Supreme Court orders Tel Aviv Municipality to enforce closing of stores on Shabbat

Supreme Court rules Tel Aviv Municipality must act decisively to ensure AM:PM, Tiv Ta’am supermarket chains do not operate on Saturdays following petition by city’s grocers.

The judges ruled that the municipality should consider using other enforcement measures, since fines alone fail to meet the purpose of the law.

It was further ruled that under the current situation, the municipality allows the ongoing breach of the bylaw, thereby harming the rule of law. The municipality was given 60 days to decide how it plans to proceed.

The ruling won widespread support among MKs from across the political spectrum.

The Likud Beiteinu’s Tzipi Hotovely said, “The State of Israel is a Jewish state and we must not allow a situation where the free market destroys the living of those who observe the Sabbath. A law is a law, and the Tel Aviv Municipality must uphold it.”  

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