West Bank Palestinians support terror rockets more than Gazans

A new poll from the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research shows that while Gazans have grown more disillusioned with Hamas and terror over the past month, West Bank Palestinians are more enthusiastic about terror.

According to the summary provided by the center:

An overwhelming majority of 80% supports the launching of rockets from the Gaza Strip at Israel if the siege and blockade are not ended. Support for launching rockets drops in the Gaza Strip to 72%. This means that (if the poll weighted the populations of the two sectors properly) that the percentage of West Bankers who support rocket attacks against Israeli civilians is about 84%.

A majority of 57% believe that launching rockets from populated areas in the Gaza Strip is justified and 39% say it is unjustified. Among Gazans, belief that it is justified to launch rockets from populated areas drops to 48% while increasing in the West Bank to 62%.

Support for terror and armed conflict is still very high, but trending downwards, as disenchantment with Hamas grows. A large majority of 81% prefers “Hamas’ way of resisting occupation.” Support for Hamas’ way stood at 88% one month ago.

63% favor the transfer of Hamas’ armed approach to the West Bank and 34% oppose that. One month ago, support for this transfer stood at 72%. (I don’t have details on the breakdown of populations for these questions.)

Other interesting findings:

The percentage of Gazans who say they seek immigration to other countries stands at 44%; in the West Bank, the percentage stands at 22%.

Only 23% say there is press freedom in the West Bank and an identical percentage say there is press freedom in the Gaza Strip. 

Only 29% of the Palestinian public say people in the West Bank can criticize the authority in the West Bank without fear. By contrast, a larger percentage of 35% say people in the Gaza Strip can criticize the authorities in Gaza without fear.

The Western perception that Mahmoud Abbas’ PA is more tolerant and liberal than Hamas is simply not reflected in these poll results. 

Moreover, the relative intransigence of West Bank Palestinians compared to Gazans shows that the war didn’t radicalize the Gazans as much as it radicalized the people who were not directly affected.

Yom Kippur: Everyone Falls

It’s getting up afterwards that matters.

"Unfortunately you are lying. Not every middle east country is like that. Israel is not special. Ever heard of Oman? More freedom than in America? Right next to Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Yea. Its in the middle east alright." by sonicfan3602

I have heard of Oman and, . . um, I uh … don’t know how to break this to you, but according to this report from Freedom House, Oman does not appear to be a bastion of freedom and free thought, unless you consider Sharia freedom:

Islam is the state religion. Non-Muslims have the right to worship, though they are banned from proselytizing. Non-Muslim religious organizations must register with the government. The Ministry of Awqaf (Religious Charitable Bequests) and Religious Affairs distributes standardized texts for mosque sermons and expects imams to stay within the outlines of these texts. The government restricts academic freedom by preventing the publication of material on politically sensitive topics.

The right to peaceful assembly within limits is provided for by the basic law. However, all public gatherings require official permission, and the government has the authority to prevent organized public meetings without any appeal process. In 2012, a dozen activists were fined and sentenced to one year in prison for participating in protests held in support of writers and bloggers who had been arrested for libeling the Sultan. The basic law allows the formation of nongovernmental organizations, but civic life remains limited. The government has not permitted the establishment of independent human rights organizations and generally uses the registration and licensing process to block the formation of groups that are seen as a threat to stability.

Of course there’s more. You’re welcome to read it.

As to your second question: no, not more freedom than in American. In fact there’s quite a bit less.

Going back to your first point on the specialness of Israel. Let’s see … it’s the world’s only Jewish nation, much to the chagrin of the Jew-haters who  think one successful Jewish country is too many. It’s the only Middle Eastern nation that isn’t either tearing itself apart in civil war or sinking further into despotism and destitution. It’s made advances in medicine, technology, agriculture, science, and environmental preservation that are they envy of the world (especially the Muslim world). So yes, you are incorrect, wrong, and mistaken. Israel is special.

Benjamin Netanyahu is Telling the Truth about Radical Islam



In case you non-Jews haven’t noticed, we Jews bicker a lot. Some of us even have bad things to say about Albert Einstein. A fair number of us have bad things to say about Karl Marx. Or about Milton Friedman — to go the other way. (Yes, I think Friedman was a lot smarter than Marx.)

So it should be no surprise that Benjamin Netanyahu is only intermittently popular in his home country. At the height of the recent Gaza war, he was a hero on the level of King Solomon, but then, after things quieted down with a relatively indeterminate conclusion, he was, well, just another pol.

But he’s not.

This man, whatever his failings, is better able to articulate the global situation than any political leader currently in a position of power in any country by yards.  In fact, virtually no one else is even attempting to do it. (Tony Blair did for a while before he turned, but he’s not in Bibi’s league.) Netanyahu may not be Churchill when it comes to courage, but he is Churchill, or close, when it comes to a precise mastery of the English language, ironic since he is the prime minister of a Hebrew-speaking nation.  He is able to tell the truth about the important issues, when all others, including, notably, our president and secretary of State, are prevaricating or spinning, trying desperately not to offend the reprehensible, and he did it again the other day at the United Nations. (Full text here.)  He told the truth about radical Islam to a half-empty house whose Moslem delegates had left and whose remaining attendees sat there terrified of agreeing publicly with the Israeli prime minister lest some imam or dopey liberal NGO accuse of them of Islamophobia.  He made that speech at an institution that has institutionalized anti-Semitism, not world peace or even basic common sense, as its modus operandi,  as its very raison d’être.

Blazing Cat Fur

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Observations From Today’s Netanyahu And Obama Press Conference


  • When speaking of meeting Bibi, Obama seems to start to say Bibi Nut..Netanyahu (0.23)
  • I could not help and look at the Abe Lincoln bust behind Obama when he spoke ofIsrael being in a “very turbulent neighborhood” (0.17) Not because of who Lincoln was, but because I was reminded of the ISIS beheadings.
  • Obama mentioning the US’ “iron-clad commitment” to Israel’s security, before mentioning the Iron Dome program. I see what he did there.
  • Bibi directly addressing Obama, after Obama spoke of Bibi in the third person
  • Bibi telling Obama Israel fully supports his effort and leadership to defeat ISIS (4:05) was a class touch. And perhaps a little cheeky, given the White House’s less-than-full support for Israel to do the same to Hamas.
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Visual intelligence give the IDF the upper hand on terrorists, meet the guardian angels.
More Here : Source


Visual intelligence give the IDF the upper hand on terrorists, meet the guardian angels.

More Here : Source


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Ellen DeGeneres Meet Little Mel Gibson

In a cute segment on The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres introduces kids to the technology of yesterday.

Then at 3.15, one of her young subjects talks about his movie script.

The kid’s clearly anti-Zionist.

Students Stand With Israel 
Students across university campuses show their support for Israel!