Almost unnoticed, today marks the 75th Anniversary of the commencement of World War II, when Nazi Germany invaded Poland in 1939, formally unleashing the darkest chapter in European history. However, insofar as the European Jewish community is concerned, we must ask: has the situation once again come full circle, endangering Jewish life in Europe?

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 Morocco’s summer of terror: More on the 1954 massacre at Petit Jean

 As promised, here is a little more detail about the massacre of Petit Jean, near Meknes, on 3 August 1954.  The massacre gives the lie to the myth that Moroccan Jews and Muslims had always lived peacefully together. As a commenter has pointed out, this pogrom was  the worst of a series of incidents - riots in Oujda in 1953 in which four Jews were killed, Sagan in 1955 (hundreds of Jews made homeless after their homes were burnt to the ground), riots in Wadi Zem (a family of five and two other Jews killed).

The aftermath of the massacre 

 The massacre of Petit-Jean (now known as Sidi Kacem) took place against a background of unrest and violence as Moroccan nationalists struggled for independence against French colonial rule. The tension was palpable during that fateful August of 1954.

What happened exactly on 3 August ?

Petit Jean was a commercial hub 20 kilometres from Meknes. Jewish shopkeepers prepared to shut their stores to comply with a nationalist boycott. But the French authorities told them to remain open and guaranteed them ‘total protection’. The Jews paid dearly for such a lie.

According to Robert Assaraf, author of  Une certaine histoire des juifs du Maroc (p 579),at around 6.30 pm a horde of 1,000 excited Arabs converged on the old town and fixed a portrait of the exiled sultan, the future Mohammed V, on the front of a Jewish shop. The police commissioner climbed a ladder to remove it. The mob threw stones at him. He got away.

For no apparent reason, the mob then took out their frustrations on  the Jews, clubbing them with iron bars. Some believed that a Jew had lent the policeman a ladder.

JTA reported on the ‘pogrom’ atmosphere in Morocco: 

Haifa (Aug 15): “The first group of 599 Moroccan Jews escaping from the pogrom atmosphere now prevailing in Morocco arrived here today. Most of the immigrants are young people and come from Marakesh, Fez, Rabat and Casablanca.

"The immigrants are the first of a stream of 25, 000 Moroccan Jews already registered for entry into Israel by the Jewish Agency. They left aboard the Israeli ship “S.S. Jerusalem” two days after the start of the anti-Jewish attacks, which resulted in at least seven Jewish dead and many injured at Petitjean and Fez.
Most Moroccan Jews, rich and poor alike, want to leave for Israel, and “the sooner they are transferred, the better, ” the refugees declared. They told how, when they were passing through the streets of Casablanca on their way to board their ship, Arabs shouted: “We’ll start war against the Jews within a week. “

Jews under Muslim rule in the 19th c, by David Littman

One hundred years since the Fez pogrom

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At least the Israeli government is actually thinking



The timing of an announcement that the government is turning approximately 4,000 dunams (1,000 acres) of land near Gush Etzion into government land (what might be called a taking by eminent domain in the United States) for the Sunday of Labor Day weekend shows that at least someone in the government has their thinking caps on. It slowed the international reaction to a move that would inevitably be unpopular outside of Israel. But now the United States has criticized us, and so has Ban Ki-Moon. Is Netanyahu up to the challenge? This is from the first link.

The IDF on Sunday conferred the status of state land on 4,000 dunams in the Gush Etzion region, thus ending the civil administration’s investigation into the possibility that parcels were private Palestinian property.

The new designation for an area known as Gevaot opens the door for settlers to advance plans to build a fifth city in the West Bank on those dunams.

“We have long made clear our opposition to continued settlement activity,” a State Department official said. “This announcement, like every other settlement announcement Israel makes, planning step they approve and construction tender they issue, is counterproductive to Israel’s stated goal of a negotiated two-state solution with the Palestinians.”

“We urge the government of Israel to reverse this decision,” the US official said in Washington.

What if our ‘stated goal’ were not a ‘two-state solution’? What if Netanyahu had the guts to reverse the Bar Ilan speech and say ‘We tried. We’ve been trying for over 20 years. We failed. What we would need to secure us in the event of a two-state solution is much more than the ‘Palestinians’ are willing to agree to. It’s time to move on.’Would Israelis agree?

Based on their political affiliations (at least in polls), the answer ought to be yes. But Israelis have been so conditioned - both by the media and by too many of our own politicians - to the idea that there is no solution other than the ‘two-state solution’ that much must be done to reverse this boxlike thinking. Perhaps this morning was a start.

I turned on the radio briefly this morning (I’ve avoided it entirely since we left Jerusalem on Sunday) and heard that Labor party leader Yitzchak Herzog and Meretz party leader Zehava Gal-On said that this is the time to make a big move forward in the ‘peace process.’ Huh? MK Zev Elkin (Likud) slammed Herzog (Gal-On spoke in response to Elkin) saying that he’s out of touch with what Israelis want and that having seen what happened in Gaza, almost no Israelis would agree to taking the chance of turning Judea and Samaria into another Gaza.

Would Netanyahu agree? Would he say so?

By the way, note that the condemnation comes from a ‘State Department official’ - not Obama or Kerry. Could they finally be getting the idea that this is not the time to push for a ‘Palestinian state’?

If you read the whole thing, you will discover that the plan to turn this into a Jewish city has been in place for nearly 30 years. Hmmm….

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Israel In A Photoshoot Like You’ve Never Seen Before

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Sussex friends of Israel


Sussex friends of Israel

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Arab violence against Israeli civilians began long before the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank



Picture: Arab volunteer fighters in 1947.


Picture: Jordanian shelling of Jerusalem 1948

Contrary to popular myth, Palestinian Arabs had been deliberately targeting Jewish civilians for decades before Israel was even established, and half a century before the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. The first major attacks on civilians took place in 1920-21, when violent riots erupted in Jerusalem and Jaffa. In 1929, at least 85 Jews were killed in massacres in Hebron and Safed, among other locations; in the early 1930’s, the first Palestinian terror organization, Black Hand, began carrying out attacks against civilians; and during the Arab Revolt of 1936-1939, violence against civilians became widespread throughout Palestine.

Attacks by Arabs against Jewish civilians continued during the 1948 War, including an ambush on a medical convoy in which 79 Jews – mostly doctors and nurses – were killed, and massacres in Kfar Etzion and Haifa. During the 1950’s and 60’s, terrorists from neighbouring Arab countries (“fedayeen”) repeatedly infiltrated Israel to attack civilian targets, including a wedding, a synagogue, buses, trains, and civilian homes. Attacks on civilians intensified in the period leading up to and following the Six Day War, including deliberate massacres of children in a school and on a school bus.

The list of attacks against Israelis by Arabs prior to the ‘occupation’ is endless! So much took place before the Six Day War where Israel took back Gaza from Egypt and the West Bank from Jordan. After all the attacks on Israel over the years to question Israel’s right to defend herself is more than absurd. And to say that violence against Israel by Arabs is purely the result of the occupation is a work of pure fiction.

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Western Experts

Western Experts


The Islamic Jihad Terror Ambulance

On Aug. 2, the “human rights” NGO PCHR – one of the sources considered reliable by the UN – wrote:

At approximately 15:30 (August 1), Israeli warplanes bombarded an ambulance of the Ministry of Health. As a result, 3 health workers were killed: ‘Aatef Saleh al-Zameli, 42, the driver; Yousef Ejmai’an al-Zameli, 33, a nurse; and Yousef Jaber Darabih, 25, a volunteer paramedic.

Israel attacked an ambulance! War crime!

Except for one thing: All three people killed were Islamic Jihad terrorists.

Here is the martyr poster for ‘Aatef Saleh al-Zameli:


The name of the “nurse” killed was actually Yousef Jmien Sheikh Eid. Here is his Islamic Jihadmartyr poster:


The “paramedic” Yousef Jaber Darabih was also a proud member of the jihadist terror group:


Darabih was also a “scout leader.” I wonder what he was teaching his young charges?

If these three terrorists were using an ambulance as a means to protect themselves and weapons from attack – and given that every single one of them is a member of Islamic Jihad, this seems likely – then they were the ones performing war crimes. It also indicates that the Gaza Ministry of Health was not only working closely with the Al Qassam Brigades to use their ambulances to transport terrorists and probably weapons, but they also worked with Islamic Jihad.

Not that the UN or any “human rights” NGO will investigate that.

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Joe’s World: The New Nazis?

via: Israellycool

by @cvaldary

If you come across anyone in America who calls for an end to aid to Israel for allegedly persecuting Gazans, feel free to use the below as a model response:

Notwithstanding your faulty premise, let us play along. You are American. Your tax dollars also goes to UNRWA which provides aid to Gaza all of which is pocketed by Hamas’s gang of bandits all of whom just so happen to be mostly millionaires. 

This money is used to maintain Hamas’s dictatorship which entails the persecution of political minorities in Gaza, the murder of gays in Gaza, the murder of so-called collaborators in Gaza, the torturing of political dissidents in Gaza, the persecution of Christians in Gaza, the teaching of martyrdom in Gaza, the conscription of 12 year olds in gaza for the sake of martyrdom, child slave labor vis-a-vis building tunnels in Gaza (wherein, according to Palestinian Arab sources, 160 children were murdered in the process) and the sanctioning of honor crimes by Hamas (and other groups) in Gaza, just to name a few. 

Therefore by your own standard, you must not only protest aid to Israel, you must also protest aid to Gaza since it is stolen and mismanaged (thats a nice way of putting it) by Hamas.

Moreover, these human rights abuses committed by Hamas dispels your entire premise. The idea that a blockade of Gaza which, ostensibly, persecutes Gazans is the reason why Hamas launched rockets against Israel makes no sense, when you consider that Hamas engages in ACTUAL persecution of Gazans, which you seem to be sinisterly silent about.

 I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you have been largely innocent of this fact. I await your condemnation of Hamas and your subsequent call to end all aid to Gaza based upon the standard that you have set forth.